Our Story

-How It All Started-

In October of 2018, we were planning a birthday party for our two sons. We knew we wanted a donut wall, but as we looked around we couldn’t find one that held enough donuts for the price we wanted to pay. We took this problem into our own hands- literally- and made our own donut wall! After seeing our guests react to how incredible the wall was, we decided to start a business to share the love for donut walls. This has turned into so much more than we could have hoped for.

Our walls are homemade with a professional touch. We use commercial grade wood and customize every wall to our customers wishes. Whether the wall be for a party, wedding, or for your home, Treat Walls is the perfect option.

-Our Mission-

"To bring happiness and joy to every event through our unique Treat Wall displays."

Our main goal is to ensure every customer feels welcome and comfortable. We stand behind our product with 100% satisfaction. If any customer is not satisfied with their purchase, we will do everything we can to solve the problem.

Treat Walls will be the hit of your party! No more worrying about cookie displays or a big cake… hang donuts or cake pops on one of our custom, handmade walls and watch your guests be glazed in excitement!

Thank you for visiting our page, as it means the world to us. Our family is grateful for every Treat Wall purchased and we are proud to bring joy to events across the country!


Matt & Hannah