Tabletop Donut Wall "Treat Yourself"
Tabletop Donut Wall "Treat Yourself"
Tabletop Donut Wall "Treat Yourself"

Tabletop Donut Wall "Treat Yourself"

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- All parts are made by us by hand.
- The board is made from Particle Board (Commercial Grade) and 3/8” Pegs.
- The board is 25" x 25"
- Each peg is 3" long and extends approximately 2.5" from the board. Pegs are inserted into the board, secured and cannot be removed. They are not visible from the back.
- Each peg has a diameter of 3/8
- The board is finished with 100% Acrylic Paint with low odor & Zero VOC to allow for safe cleaning and repeat use.
- This does come with an optional stand.


This Donut Wall is perfect for occasions such as weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, brunch, graduation parties, birthday parties, corporate events, meetings, office parties, tradeshows, and more! We've had customers use them as a donut stand for birthday parties, dessert table display for networking events, Donut Display for bakeries, and even as a donut tree for a Christmas party.

Boards are made to order and will arrive fully assembled. If you have any questions on if your item would arrive in time, shoot us a note and we're happy to discuss options.

Colors, text and peg diameter are available for customization, so please contact us to discuss what you're looking for!

*All Boards are available in large and small sizes. Contact us if you do not see what you're looking for in our store and we can help you out!



If you want to add a text then we will make sure you approve of the font before we process. If you are interested in a different size or colors, contact us and we will be happy to figure out the best option for you.

If you want to add a custom logo then you will have to provide a .PNG or .AI file.



We use a professional corrugate manufacture to make sure all of our desert bar ideas are tightly secured and ready for shipping. Each product is ship tested through 3 different ship points across the United States to assure quality and damage control before being passed by a Quality Inspection.

This item is shipped fully assembled.

Your order will ship within 1-2 Weeks of order placement. If you need it even sooner, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Custom orders may require more production time dependent upon requests.

Item is shipped via UPS of FedEx (2-4 days in transit dependent upon your location.)